Why you should hire a professional wedding photographer ?

21 Apr

Photography, like so many other things can look easy in the hands of a professional; after all you just point and press the shutter, right? 

Well... Not really. There are countless different types of photography and each one takes time and patience to master, it might look easy but in reality, it is an art which many people come to realise when it’s too late. 

Wedding photography is all about capturing people at their best, and the story of a day that will live in the memory for life. It’s a big responsibility and one that requires a lot more than the latest Smartphone or a friend who has posted some nice pictures on their social media feed.

 Professional wedding photography requires good equipment for the photoshoot of course, but even the very best optics and the latest cameras are wasted in the wrong hands. 

Preparation is everything...

Preparation is essential for professional wedding photography, a consultation meeting 2-3 weeks in advance is vital to learn more about the schedule for the wedding day, and those important moments that simply can’t be missed. That could be the cutting of the wedding cake, the throwing of the bouquet, speeches and of course, that special first dance. Then there’s other factors which affect the day itself, such as location, time of day and of course, the weather. All those things can and will change the professional’s approach to wedding photography; to achieve that ultimate goal of creating a body of work that will really thrill the happy couple, their family and friends. The professional approach is the only way to achieve it... 

Know your surroundings and the people you are working with... 

As a professional photographer with over six years experience I am familiar with most of the popular wedding locations and wedding venues in Malta such as: PALAZZO VILLA ROSA, PALAZZO PARISIO, CASTELLO ZAMITELLO, BACCHUS RESTAURANT, VILLA MDINA, PALAZZO NOBILE, CHATEAU BUSKETT, PARADISE BAY RESORT, RAMLA BAY RESORT and many, many more.

It is essential when it comes to light conditions to know the location where the wedding takes place .

Over the years I learnt how to get the best from my equipment; I also learnt something just as important... 

How to get the best out of people... 

Working closely with the bride and groom is a vital aspect of professional wedding photography. You get to learn more about them, what they are like as people and the aspects of their special day that they are looking forward to the most. 

These are the things that, if captured well will become cherished mementos of the wedding day. They may be looking forward to seeing loved ones after a long time, they may love to dance or they may be particularly excited about their arrival or departure plans... 

All these things inform the professional approach to wedding photography and help the person behind the lens to be exactly where they need to be at exactly the right moment. No two weddings are the same and every one demands a unique approach. So many people fail to hire a professional for the wedding photography and it can cause a lifetime of regrets as there is no second chance. 

Working with a professional wedding photographer is the best and only way to make sure your images do justice to your big ‘once in a lifetime’ day. 

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